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Soccermetrics: Football & Economics

Baffled by how the big guns often fail to make it big in the Champions League? Disappointed with managerial strategies and transfer season decisions? Worried that your favourite club might not even play next year?

The Economics Society, St. Stephen's College presents to you, SOCCERMETRICS, our version of fantasy football, as a part of the National Economics Festival 2021. 

Your players await for you to activate the economist, analyst, and manager in you and make tough strategy decisions, take huge risks, and even predict the inevitable.

The event will comprise of two rounds:

Round 1: 12th February 2021, 4:00 PM
Round 2: 13th February 2021, 12 noon

Platform: Online

Participate as lone wolves or in teams of two. Cross-institutional teams are welcome. Undergraduate students and students from classes 11 and 12 are eligible. 


For more details, please contact:


Shreyansh: +91 97202 39000

Prerana: +91 98307 61109

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