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Prometheus: The Eco-Biz Quiz

The Economics Society is proud to present Prometheus, the Economics and Business Quiz, as part of the National Economics Festival (NEF).

Prometheus - one of our oldest events- is a quiz that will require you to put your thinking hats on (for long). Prometheus isn’t your regular general knowledge facts quiz. It comprises various types of questions ranging from connects to fill in the blanks to brain-stimulating challenging questions where one will have to work out the answers solely by using the clues provided in the question. 

It will comprise of two rounds -
Prelims - 6th February, Saturday; 06:00 PM
Finals - 13th February 2021
Platform - Online

Participation is allowed in teams of maximum 2 members. Lone wolves and Cross-Institution teams are allowed.

The event is open to college (undergraduate) students and school students from classes 11 to 12.

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