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Your video will play after this ad

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

by Anysha Kumar


Your video will play after this ad, you can skip this ad in 9 8 7.., ad 1 of 2 playing, download Zomato and get 40% off now and so many more are all things we’ve heard a lot more than we’d like to. With our attention spans growing shorter by the day, YouTube ads are not a huge help. If you’re a person who has opened YouTube ever in your life, you’re probably familiar with how widespread these advertisements are now. You’ll find one right at the top of your home page, then the moment you tap on a video, it’ll be preceded by an infamous unskippable ad. Once the video actually plays, the content itself will be a sponsor plug and might even be interjected by a couple more if the video is longer than ten minutes. You’ll be greeted by one final one in the end itself. So now, not only do you have to watch a commercial to begin viewing YouTube but also watch them to end it (or replay it, mostly in case of songs or dog videos).

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