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The Economics Society of St. Stephen's College presents to you, Macropolis, an online policy and trading event where you have to strategize and analyze the situations at hand using your policy and business acumen. Mesh the tricks of the trade with the nuances of policy to beat the odds in this economic apocalypse and thrive when nobody else can!

The Editorial Board of The Economics Society, St. Stephen's College is proud to present an essay writing competition, which is a new addition to the list of events.

Ecquizzite is our annual quiz under which we test the knowledge of participants in the domains of Economic Theory and History, Business, Pop Culture, Current Affairs and many more.

This is not your conventional case study competition. We promise you a fun and enthralling ride, challenging your mental faculties and creative thinking to the fullest. Arm yourselves with all the wit and intellect as we are going to throw bouncers on you at each step. Put economics, policy,  business and suspense in a pot and stir with excitement (but with caution) to crack Casecation

The National Economics Festival (NEF) is the flagship event of the society. NEF brings together economics enthusiasts from across the country and has witnessed an increase in footfall year after year. It has served as a platform for participants to explore the subject and hone their skills in related fields such as finance and business through events such as guest lectures, quizzes, debates, excel simulations and paper presentations. In addition, the society also organizes the Academic Summit in the even semester. The two-day summit comprises of academically engaging events such as panel discussions, committee simulations, paper presentation competitions and policy paper workshops. The event witnesses participants from all over India, and hosts eminent personalities as judges, panelists and speakers. 

Elegant Leather Cases

NEF '21

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