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Written a good paper for college? Why don’t you give NC Ray a shot? Submit your abstracts and also get a chance of seeing your paper published in our annual journal and presenting your work to a panel of eminent researchers!

The Economics Society of St. Stephen’s College is proud to announce the N.C. Ray Memorial Paper Presentation Competition at the National Economics Festival 2021. The deadline for submission of abstracts (Word limit: 1500 words) is 20th November 2020.

Abstracts are to be sent in a word file titled "Abstract_Team Name" with the following details on the first page: topic, team name, and contact details of all team members. Entries are to be sent at

Important information:-
1. Only undergraduate students are allowed to participate, in a team of at most 5 members.
2. The top 20 abstracts will be shortlisted and these teams will have to send in their final research paper by early January. 
3. Out of these 20 papers, the best six entries will qualify for the finals and will get an opportunity to present their papers to an esteemed panel of judges during NEF 2021 at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. These papers will also be published in our annual journal, 'Towards Equilibrium'. Do check out the previous year's edition of Towards Equilibrium here.


Exciting prizes in store for the winner!!

In case of any queries, contact:

Instagram: @ecosoc.ssc

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