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NC Ray Paper Presentation

The Economics Society of St. Stephen’s College is proud to announce one of its most prestigious events - the NC Ray Memorial Paper Presentation Competition, which will be held at the National Economics Festival 2021. Grab this opportunity to witness your paper being published in our annual journal 'Towards Equilibrium' and present it to a panel of esteemed academicians. 

Abstracts are to be submitted to

The deadline for submission of abstracts is November 27th, 2020 (Friday). 

Word limit: 1500

Confused about how to start writing your research paper? Check out the resources we have compiled here. 

For important guidelines and the previous year's edition of 'Towards Equilibrium', refer to

It is mandatory to register at before submitting your entry. 

In case of any queries, contact:
Instagram: @ecosoc.ssc

You can, alternatively, contact Jasjeev Singh Sahni at +9971190499 or Shagun Tyagi at +9992858235.

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