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The economy is crumbling down in front of you. The data is baffling. There is panic in the air. There is nothing but uncertainty around.

There is an economic meltdown that will scar the future of your country in every way possible.
You will not be a spectator to this whole economic drama. Your stakes are high and you cannot lose out in midst of this impending disaster.

The Economics Society of St. Stephen's College presents to you, MACROPOLIS, an online policy and trading event where you have to strategize and analyse the situations at hand using your policy and business acumen. Mesh the tricks of the trade with the nuances of policy to beat the odds in this economic apocalypse and thrive when nobody else can!


Cash Prizes worth Rs. 5,000 await!

Date: 1st November 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 4:00 PM

Eligibility Criteria:

The event is open for undergraduates, postgraduates and incoming first year graduates.

Register as lone wolves or in teams of two!

Mark your calendars, we promise you a lot of adrenaline, fun, and economics!


Further details would be communicated via mail a few days prior to the event.

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