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The Editorial Board of The Economics Society, St. Stephen's College is proud to present its first essay writing competition. Please write on any one of the topics given below: 


For school students:

  1. Elucidate the correlation between economic inequalities and the effects of COVID-19.

  2. A certain cryptocurrency has been unanimously approved by all nations of the world as the new legal tender. Assume that the convertibility of current liquid assets held by all the different stakeholders of the society into the new legal tender has no costs and is effortless. Describe the macroeconomic consequences.

  3. Analyze the economic theory behind the working of the society showcased in any one of the following dystopian/fantasy artworks:

  • Wall-E       

  • Hunger Games

  • Interstellar        

  • Game of Thrones


For college students:

  1. At a certain juncture in the near future, SpaceX has successfully made affordable, regular passage to the planet Mars possible. Describe, how, if at all, would a system of economics work on the Red Planet, beyond the extant conventional schools of capitalism and socialism.

  2. Propound how, if at all, the role of cultural and ethical systems can compose the economic basis, structure, and development of a society.

  3. Assess the viability of the Euro as the common currency in the European Union’s single trade and customs union.



Submission Guidelines

  1. The article must be based on any one of the topics given above and typed and submitted in the English language only.

  2. The suggested word limit for the essay is 1700-2000 words for undergraduates and 1000-1200 for school students, inclusive of citations.

  3. Note that participants who have given their board examinations in 2020 and have not taken admission in college yet, will be classified as school students for the competition.

  4. Citation style must be uniform throughout the document and the MLA citation style must be followed. (

  5. All submissions must be original and a bonafide effort of the participants, and should not be submitted for any other purpose except the competition.

  6. The organisers reserve all rights regarding eligibility/qualification/disqualification/publication of the submissions.

Submission Procedure

  1. The essay must be sent by email to with the subject “Essay Writing Competition_Name_InstitutionName” along with the contact details and year of study of the participant, on or before 6th September 2020 and by 23:59 IST.

  2. Preferred format of the file is PDF. 

Evaluation Criteria

While assessing the essays, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Originality and clarity of the content

  2. Quality of the analysis and research

  3. Language and Structure of the Article

  4. Grammar, syntax and form 

The organisers shall not be responsible for any article(s) not received.

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