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Excel Market Simulation: Retronomics

The Economics Society is pleased to announce “Retronomics”, the annual Excel-based event of the society.


The event focuses on simulating the trading of commodities from various historical periods using Excel. It provides participants with an opportunity to engage with historical contexts while applying economic principles. Competitors will be required to leverage their understanding of past events and exhibit adept negotiation abilities to emerge victorious in this competition.


Through this event, we aim to apprise participants about the working of free markets and various other macroeconomic principles like inflation, supply and demand shock etc. 

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Excel Market Simulation

Preliminary Round: 27th October (Online)

Finals: 3rd November 2023 (Offline)

Time: 3:00 PM

Venue: St. Stephen's College

Open to Undergraduates and student of Class XI and XII.

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