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Econ After Hours is a student-run blog by The Economics Society of St. Stephen's College, popularly known as EcoSoc, one of the leading societies in the country dedicated to the promotion of interest and awareness in matters related to the subject of economics. The society strives to extend economic concepts beyond the realms of the classroom through a series of multi-disciplinary events including economics and business-centric quizzes, debates on relevant economic issues, stimulating games and models replicating real-life scenarios using Excel, committee or public body simulations on an economic agenda or even informal discussions on interesting topics related to the subject.​


At several seminars and lectures, EcoSoc has hosted eminent speakers such as Dr. Amartya Sen, Dr. Swaminathan Iyer, Dr. Arvind Subramanian, Dr. Abhijit Banerjee and Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, to name a few. The society publishes ‘Towards Equilibrium’, it's annual academic journal showcasing the best that undergraduate economic research in India has to offer, as well as regularly publishing accessible content such as articles and graphics on Econ After Hours. 

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The National Economics Festival (NEF) is the flagship event of the society. NEF brings together economics enthusiasts from across the country and has witnessed an increase in footfall year after year. It has served as a platform for participants to explore the subject and hone their skills in related fields such as finance and business through events such as guest lectures, quizzes, debates, excel simulations and paper presentations. In addition, the society also organizes the Academic Summit in the even semester. The two-day summit comprises of academically engaging events such as panel discussions, committee simulations, paper presentation competitions and policy paper workshops. The event witnesses participants from all over India, and hosts eminent personalities as judges, panelists and speakers. 

The Economics Society is an assortment of people brought together by their love for the subject, who strongly believe that economics is in the everyday and there is something in economics for everybody!

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